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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Fave Thai Tea Drink

The other day after my doctor's appointment, hubby and I decided to eat at our fave restaurant called Bistro down Audelia in Richardson. Since we were both craving for Vietnamese soup called Pho, we went to Pho 95 restaurant, but didn't get serve. The waitress serve the other customer who came after us. We waited and waited for her to come and serve us but she didn't come. After awhile, hubby and I decided to leave. Just as soon as we got up, she showed up. Too late, you already wasted tow customers. What was this waitress thinking? She thinks we will wait there for hour? No way! If she is concerned about getting more customers, she wouldn't let us wait there waiting to be served in her own time. Disappointed, we left.

Anyway, we went to Bistro and got our Pho which was very yummy, plus we got to take one more soup because it was buy two get one free soup. What a deal plus their soup is cheaper than Pho 95. Here is my fave Thai Tea with Pearl or Tapioca, yummy. This served as my desert because it is a bit sweeter.

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Ronadelle said...

looks yummy. Enjoy eating out with family as always!