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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finding Ways to Save Money

 The US economy is not in good condition right now. People are having difficulty managing their finances and we are not exempted. Hubby is the only breadwinner in our home and since I just stay home, I am constantly searching for ways to help him pay bills and save at the same time. I do online job, and get paid for it without much hardship compared to hubby's job. I must say that I am able to help him if not a lot, but at least am bringing bacon at the table, too every so often. Lately,  I have been hearing a lot about using coupons and savings. Some of m friends are good at using coupons and I think I better ask them how they do it and where they find these coupons. I know there are coupons that are available online. I love perfumes; I wonder if I can find armani exchange coupons at dropdowndeals. And if I they do, then I would be able to get hubby the perfume I am plan to give him for our wedding anniversary. I am pretty sure he would love it. Anyway, I better find out where else can I find coupons for groceries and even clothes, too!

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