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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Perfect Wedding Gift Anniversary

The other day, my dear husband and I went to the mall to return the white and gold necklace he bought for me on our 10th wedding anniversary. He didn't want to return it, but I told him that I already have a gold necklace and that I don't need expensive gifts. The dinner at my favorite seafood restaurant with him and our son was enough to make our wedding anniversary celebration memorable. I suggested that instead of expensive jewelry (if he really wants to get me a gift) that we buy a new bedding for our bedroom, and he agreed since it's been awhile since I last bought the bedding we have now. I asked him to pick the color and the thread count. And walla, he found the color that exactly matches the color of the window curtains in our bedroom. He told me he was torn between the peacock alley bedding versus the country living brands. Thanks goodness he made the right choice :-). I love our new bedding. Thanks Honey for the perfect wedding anniversary gift.

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Ronadelle said...

So sweet yet it's funny that you bargain with gifts! I do that too whenever my husband would give me gifts. Now, he knows. He would ask what kind of gift do I want. So that, he'll have no problem thinking at all. Haha.

Enjoyed your post!