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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Izusu Custom Floor Mats

Before I got married, I used to lived with my grandmother at my Aunt's house in Manila, Philippines. My Aunt has a big house enough to accommodate at least two families. That is why, most of my grandmother's grandchildren lived with her. My cousins and I took turns taking care of our granny her needs. We love being with her because she loves each one of us fairly. Sh cares for us as well. My grandmother has a small business to keep her occupied and sane. My Aunt was generous enough to buy her a car she can use to buy the stuffs she needs at her convenient store. Since, we drove the car a lot, she suggested that isuzu custom floor mats can help maintain the cleanliness of the car's floor. And so, my Aunt bought floor mats for the car; and the car floor looks cleaner and the mats are easier to clean. It's been 20 years, but the car is still running well, thank to my Uncle who is he owner of it now...he really takes care of the car that is why it is still in good condition.

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