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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Women Love Flowers

Every woman loves flowers. Some like Roses, some prefer carnations, some Lilies and I prefer Tulips. Don't get me wrong but I love Orchids and African Violet, too. As a matter of fact, I do have African violets at home. I have purple, pink, and red African violets. Flowers makes me happy; it lightens my days. One more thing about flower is that I can send it to friends and family anywhere nationwide. At Seattle flowers by ProFlowers, you can send fresh flowers, gift baskets and many more to anyone you like. Their flowers are fresh all the time. I wish I have a friend at Seattle so I can surprise her/him with fresh flowers or even gift baskets. My mother in-law is very lucky because she always receive her favorite flowers on Mother's Day and her birthdays, too! Unfortunately, my Mom lives thousands of miles away from me that is why I couldn't send her one. Oh well, I am sure he is always happy with the gifts we give her every time. Hubby bought me fresh flowers for our anniversary aside from taking me to my favorite seafood restaurant (Red Lobster) and his surprise gift (necklace).

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