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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tons of Bearings

Watching my husband cleaning and organizing his garage, I can't help but notice the tools he accumulated for years. I am glad he uses them and not just for decorations. One thing that surprise me was the many bearings he keeps in his drawers. I wonder where those are for. It is just a lot! Good thing our garage has enough space to store them otherwise one of our cars would be parked on the driveway which we both don't want to do. We like our vehicles inside the garage for that is what the garage for anyway :-). I notice a lot of people parked their car either on the curve or the driveway though they have space for their cars in their garages. Honestly, it is bugging me. Come on people, park your car where they belong. I am sure you don't have much bearings in your garage as my husband do.

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