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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Surprise Gifts for Both of US

Before our 10th year wedding anniversary this week, I thought of giving hubby a gift. What I have in mind was to buy him some kind of  a gift basket for men that would please him or he will actually use or eat. But knowing him, he doesn't want gifts even on his birthday. So, I decided not to buy him this time for I am pretty sure he would not be very happy. He always say that he doesn't need any gifts. But guess what? He would be getting this gift basket for men whether he likes it or not. It is Christmas after all. Talking about the gifts, he was generous enough to give me a surprise gift the other for our anniversary. I got a new while and yellow gold necklace. I love it, but it was very expensive though it was marked 75% off. A two hundred dollar necklace it the last thing I needed for I already have one. I told him that we need to return it or at least exchange it to a cheaper one if he really want to get me something....and he agreed. So, next week after my doctors appointment, we will stop by at the mall to makes some changes.

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