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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A New Mattress for Master Bedroom

It's Thanksgiving Day today; and instead of being busy cooking for dinner, my son and I are both busy playing with DSi and computer. Why? It's because husband has work today. We did our Thanksgiving dinner the together day which was Tuesday. Now, I am bored and got nothing to do, but spend my time in front of my laptop. I might go to a friend's house later this afternoon for their Thanksgiving Day celebration. Anyway, I,ve been online since 8am; been doing a lot of searching on how to fix my inaccessible blog. Thank goodness, I was able to get a hold one of the customer service person and had known why I couldn't open my blog url. I think I need to do some sopping now for the coming Christmas holiday. I need to look for a new mattress. I just wished we live in Los Angeles, CA so I can shop at mattress store los angeles where they sell pretty good mattresses for an affordable price. Hubby would be very pleased to sleep on a new mattress for sure.

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