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Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Home

This guest post from Lewis Beck

Until I graduated from college last spring I had always lived with my parents. My university was close enough to their house for me to commute so I never saw a reason to spend the money living on my own. Once I graduated and got a job, I felt like it was time for me to experience life in my own home. What an eye-opening experience! I had no idea how much work went in to setting up a new place to live. I guess I always assumed you just bought or rented a place and it was all set up for you. Boy was I wrong! First there was the search for the PERFECT place. Finding it was only the first step in a lengthy process. Once that decision was made I had to shop electric rates, find an internet provider and get the cable set up. Even once I completed those tasks, I was not done. You can’t just sit in an empty house! Next it was off to buy furniture and all the other necessities for setting up housekeeping. Who knew so much went in to setting out on your own.

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