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Friday, August 12, 2011

6 Tips for DIY Pet Grooming

With today’s economy putting the pinch on everyone’s budget, people are looking to cut costs wherever they can.  Bringing your pet to the groomer can cost you $50 or more in addition to the time and cost of traveling there.  If you are thinking about grooming your pet yourself here are a few tips on how to make it a satisfying experience.

Six Top Tips for DIY Pet-Groomers

* Make sure you have everything you need to be successful.  If you don’t have a bath tub you’ll need a tub of some sort to bathe them in.  For a small dog, a baby tub on the counter should work fine.  Safety is important; make sure there is no chance your pet will fall off of the counter.  Other tools you will find necessary will be nail clippers, brushes, rake, shampoo, conditioner, towel, and clippers. 
* When you are choosing a dog shampoo it should not contain harsh chemicals.  Chemicals will dry out your pet’s skin and make them itchy and irritated.  You will want to choose one that will not strip the animal’s natural oils. 
* Before you bathe your pet it is a good idea to comb out any mats or knots they may have in their fur.  Once you wet the animal it will be nearly impossible to remove these by combing.  A good way to make this a little easier is to use a spray conditioner on the knot as you are trying to comb it out.
* You should invest in a good set of clippers made for trimming animals.  A set not made for animals will not do a great job and will create a bad experience for your animal.  You should begin clipping your pet at their arm pits and back and move your way down to the tail.  The length of their fur will be what your preference is for your pet.  The fur on their legs and paws should be a shorter length than the rest of their body. 
* Don’t forget teeth cleaning!  Your pet’s oral health is an important indicator of their overall health.  Red, swollen, or bleeding gums deserve a visit to the vet. 
* Be very careful when trimming their nails.  You will need to locate the quick on their nails.  The quick is where the nail turns a darker color.  It is hard to find on dark colored nails.  If you trim the quick you will cause your pet some pain and bleeding, so use extra care. 

Animals should be groomed right from when they are small.  It becomes a familiar habit and they learn to like it.  It is a perfect way to bond with your pet.

L. Lubel is extremely interested in veterinarian medicine and offering information for students who want to become veterinarian technicians.

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