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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Too Many Gifts!

My son's birthday is coming very soon. He want s to have a birthday party again. He likes his friends to be there, and of course, some gifts. He kept telling us what he wants and it's a lot! His lists include: aquarium, new bike, a set of scriptures, pet (dog), nerf gun, and who knows what else in his mind, lol. Man, if we will buy all these, our wallet would be broken. One thing for sure, the aquarium is the most expensive if them all. I can only imagine the thing we will need to buy when we do. Just the fish alone is quite expensive, not to mention the accessories such as hayward salt cell, rocks, plats and etc. he maintenance is another...whew, just thinking about this one particular gift made me dizzy. I wish I have enough money to buy them all. Maybe if I win a lotto...oh wait! I will never win since I don't buy a ticket, lol. Oh well, he needs to learn that he can't have all he wants, period.

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