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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Guitar, Perfect Enough for Us

Last weekend, our family friend and us went to a flea market in Canton, TX. We like this particular flea market for it is huge. Huge enough that you need to spend at least a day to really see all of it. Anyway, we have brought our kids with us and you know what happens next. They will ask us to but them 'this and that.' Okay, I wasn't going to give in to my son's pleading to buy him the collectors item which is the Star Trek character. But as soon as I turned around, husband bought it! I don't really like it when he buys thing our son doesn't really need especially when he would only play with it once and then, gone. Anyway, when my friend's boy saw it, the boy started to bug his Mom and Dad to get him something, too. The boy didn't stop till he gets what he wanted. But, the parents didn't buy the little guitar he so desire. His parents said that a big guitar like martin d 28 would be the perfect guitar for him because he can even use it when he is old enough to play with it. I agree wit his parents. We have a Martin D 28 and my son plays it when he wants to.  I like it for it is big enough to be played by both young and adults alike....and the sound is great!

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