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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Great Deals on Foreclosed Homes!

Based on our experienced while looking for a house to buy six months ago, I say, it wasn't easy especially if you do the searching yourself. We drove every area where we wanted to live, but every time we found one that we like, it is either way above our budget or needs extensive renovation. It was very stressful! So one day, we stopped by at a real estate office and asked if they have a realtor agent who could help us find the house of our dream. And so we got a realtor who is experienced enough to explain to us first about the Overview on Buying a Home. We learned a lot from the discussion e had with him. A week later, we were on our way to viewing houses that meet our budget and needs. Along the way, he told us to look online also. The website he gave us was very neat. We really like that it was easy to navigate, there are plenty of photos as well; and most of all the enough listings in the neighborhood we wanted.

Back on house hunting and viewing, the real estate agent showed us houses after house and most of them were foreclosed ones. Hubby and I didn't want to do thorough renovation despite of the fact that this kind of house are not that pricey compared to houses that are not foreclosed or government own. We don't want to purchase a house again that needs a lot of works. And so we say, no! But to those who don't mind renovations and stuffs, foreclosed houses are great deal! The good thing about foreclosed homes is that you can find them anywhere you want to live. I remember a friend who bought a foreclosed home in the state of Oklahoma with the helped of Oklahoma City Foreclosed Homes. They sold their other house due to her husband changed of work. Sometimes it is hard to live a home you lived in for years because of the emotional attachment you had, but you have to move out and leave don't have any choice especially when it comes to job and sustaining you family financially.

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