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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Matt Uses Acne Cleanser for His Face.

Most women are very conscious on how they look. They do many things from personal hygiene to the look of their bodies. Some undergo procedure such as cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation and such to satisfy their need to look good and please other. I, on the other hand don't really care much about these things. As long as I know that I am clean inside and out ...I feel good about myself. Talking about personal hygiene, if there is one person who is very much conscious about his face, that person would be my husband :-). Although his face is blemish free and stuff, he uses acne cleanser to prevent getting acne. I sometimes tease him and he would just smile at me saying that I am just envious. Then, I will tell him that why would I ? My face is fine.... pimples/acne or anything like that. Then in the end, we would laugh at each other. Oh, the fun of having someone whom you can talk to, be with and laugh with. I am love my life...being married to my wonderful husband it GREAT!

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