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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Are You Looking for Land Contract Homes in Your Neighborhood?

Finding a real estate property is not an easy thing to do. It is a big decision a couple should make. There are plenty of options out there, from rent to own house, land contract homes to multiple lease to buy houses. It depends on how much you can afford to pay and of course the amount of loan you are going to get or qualified for. When hubby and I were looking for a house a little over a year ago, we both have different opinions. I wanted to buy a rent to own house since that was the only available in the area where we want to live. On the other hand, that time, the economy was down and he wasn't sure whether he would stay long in his job or not, and so he wanted us to buy a mobile home of which I strongly opposed.

Yeah, it is hard to agree on same thing if finances and job security is not really stable. Thank goodness we didn't pursue any of the two options because after a year working, he got laid off! I really believed that things happened for a reason. After three months, he found a job again back to Texas; and this time he was rehired again by the company he worked for years. Now that he has a permanent job again, our plan to own a house is back. We contacted a real estate agent who helped us find the house of our dream. In the process, he gave us tips and information on buying a home smartly. He also shares with us FHA Information and other help we can get from the government.

Anyway, we brought out our plan to purchase a land contract homes with but ended buying a new custom build home, instead. Despite of that, to me, land contract home is one of the best option to consider when planning to purchase a lease to own house or land. These option can be found anywhere you want to live, and if you want to live in Oakland, CA, and want to buy a land contract home, the Oakland Land Contract Homes can help you. I like their website for it is easy to navigate and there are enough listings in the neighborhood I wanted. My favorite was the photos of the houses available as well as the price and the location. Indeed, finding land contract home has never been easier.

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