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Monday, May 10, 2010

Cure for Eczema

The other day which was Saturday, we attended a birthday party of our friend's son who had just turned six year old. Freddie is a smart little boy who loves toys like Transformers, Walle and Iron Man2. He also has twins sisters of whom we adore so much; they are so cute and very opposite in all ways. When you see these girls, you wouldn't think they are twins. Anyway, one of the twins has skin allergy or should I say eczema. My friend talked to the pediatrician on how to treat it; and prescribed some kind of cream for eczema cure. So far, the eczema is under control and will eventually be gone as she grows up. Watching my friend changing her daughter's diaper made me feel sad because I can see the eczema on her daughter's skin. However, her little girl seems fine and looks like she wasn't hurting at all.

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