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Friday, February 19, 2010

Call Car Repair Pal Now!

I am pretty sure that everyone has heard about car recalls on TV, news and even internet these days. Hubby and I are glad that both cars we recently bought are not included on the recalls, but sad to say that our friend's car is. She is worried and talked to my husband about it...knowing that hubby is good in fixing cars. However, these car recalls thing made me think about being cautious with the condition of our cars...especially now that I don't know anything about car, except driving it.

I think I need to get myself familiar with our car and its condition if something happened and hubby is not there to help me out. I tell you what, my husband does the oil change in our car, thus saving us money and time. He only goes to have our cars tune up when needed. He told me that I need to at least know to check the light engine which can be a big help for me.

Before hubby and I got married he used to drive Acura Integra; and this is the car he is not familiar with. There was a time that it needs a repair and he didn't know what to do with it. Thank goodness there was a place nearby which was Houston auto repair he went to and fix his car. Up to this day, he doesn't know how to fix any car, but Toyota car since for him it is easier to fix and parts are easier to find.


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