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Thursday, February 4, 2010

On Weight Loss

My stay at the hospital taught me a big lesson which is medicines can only do so much in our health. We also need to exercise and eat a healthy balance diet to be healthy and strong and eventually avoid sickness. I was on a diabetic diet during my stay at the hospital because I am diabetic. Although, they gave me insulin shot before every meal on top of oral medicine, my blood sugar level was still high, but not as high as before. I still need to continue to follow that diet strictly. I know that by so doing my health will improve as well as shed extra pounds in my body. I know there are quick weight loss products available in the market, but I decided to chose the slow, but sure and effective way. I need to exercise and eat healthy foods. I need to follow a low sugar, low fats and low sodium diet for that is my doctor's advices.

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