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Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine Linky LoveYear 3

I remember participating on this Linky love last year and I had fun sharing it to my friends. Now, I'd just to thank, Shy of Simple Happy Life for including me this year. Thanks, Tsang :-)!

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‘For God so loVed the world,
That He gAve
His onLy
That whosoever
Believeth In Him
Should Not perish,
But have Everlasting life.’John 3:16

Master List: 1. Pinay Mommy Online 2. Straight from the Heart 3. Mommy Journey 4. Written by Mys 5. Pinay Ads 6. Simple Happy Life 7. Small and Simple Things


1. Post this tag in your blog if you believe in the message. Please don’t forget to copy from = Start Copy Here = to = End Copy Here =. If you want, please include your own thoughts about LOVE.

2. Tag as many friends as you want to help spread the message to the world.

3. Comment with the link of your post here so that you will be included in the master list.

4. Don’t forget to come back to the master post once in awhile to check and update your own blog’s master list.

5. Please don’t delete this tag or put no follow tags. Let’s spread the meaning of true love and so as linky love for us bloggers. Thanks!

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Now, I am passing it to the following friends I've met through blogging:

Juliet, Sweetipie, Dhemz, Umma, Shy, Rose, Liza, Amy, Niko, Tetcha, Cacai, Lulu, Jane, Claire, Race, Geraldine, Chie, and all on my list! Grab it guys and share the love!


Race said...

thanks for this sis! will do this soon! regards! said...

Thank you for joining again Cecil. Added your link already. Thanks!!!

shydub said...

Thanks for grabbing it ces, its actually my first time joining in this tag though. Hows your day over there?