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Saturday, February 13, 2010

He Took Joint Supplement

Back in the neighborhood where we used to lived, we met few neighbors who are very kind enough to look for each other's need. There is a guy whom we called Uncle Bill whom every once in awhile mows our lawn when Matt is busy. And there's this couple who watches our house when we are away for few days or so. That is why, we miss them and that neighborhood which is just less than ten minutes away from where we live now. We became very close that up to now, we still are in touch with one another. Before we sold our house and moved to Virginia, Uncle Bill has gone to knee surgery. He had difficulty walking after the procedure. One day, I had the chance of talking with him; he mentioned about how hard it was and that he needed to take medications. Hee needed joint supplement to help his knee from healing. It's been nearly two years now and he is now well, and his knee is better.

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