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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Need Fat Burner!

Before I got here in the U.S., I wear small size clothing and I love my slim body. I had no problem buying clothes because I can easily find the right size for me. But not anymore. A week before my husband and I got married, I already gained weight. My wedding dress became a little bit tight, that is why my mother in-law altered it. I tell you, that was the beginning of it. My small sizes clothes were never been touch since then. I accumulated extra fats in my belly and I am now wearing medium size clothes! It is amazing how eating out added extra weight on my body. I miss wearing my clothes so much! Now, I think of taking fat burner to take away the fats in my belly. I just don't know which one is effective and safe for my health since I am taking many medications to avoid rejection of kidney. The fat burner should never interfere with my medications. For that matter, I need to consult my doctor first!

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