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Friday, February 12, 2010

In Need of Mopar Parts?

About six months ago, we bought a used car for our second car. Its a 1998 Toyota Avalon, white. We love it, until we encountered problem with the struts. It needs new replacement and I tell you, that parts is very expensive. So, my husband looked online to find a great deal for that parts. Thank goodness, he found one. Now, we not only saved money but also hubby will be the one to install it since he has knowledge and experienced fixing cars. Now, we just need to wait till the weather warms up so he can start working on our car. Talking about car parts, many people need Mopar parts for their car. They went looking for this parts but to no avail. My husband's friend is looking for one, I need to tell my husband that there is a website he can check on to see if the mopar parts he's been looking for is available on the said website.

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MoparMan said...

Check out we've got mopar parts for all kinds of models and years. Good luck.