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Friday, July 1, 2011

Missing My Parents

At last, we are back from our two weeks vacation to the Philippines. We had so much fun despite it was shortened for two weeks. Hubby and I suffered from very bad diarrhea that even today I am not feeling better still. Diarrhea has turned into a constipation which is worst! Thank goodness, my son didn't get sick at all otherwise I would have been so worried and panicky! We are also adjusted from jet lag and have been sleeping well at night... in fact my son and I are being pampered with so much sleep and rest :-)!

I am missing my parents so much and wishing I am there to take care of them. They are not getting any younger and I wanted them to enjoy their life while there is still a chance. I plan on visiting them often...probably every other year...that is why I am saving for our next trip in 2013.

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