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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Employee Came Late

About two weeks ago, my in-laws were here for their annual visit with us. Normally when they are here with us, they like to go out visiting museums, arboretum, lakes and malls. But lately, they just want to stay home and hang out with us. They will just read books and newspapers; that's all! This visit, they just went out with us when it is time to buy a new computer to replace their old ones. And so, we went to Office Depot and got great deals on computer. We then afterward, went to Costco to get some groceries. When we were checking out using the self check out counter, it happened that there was no employee to assists us. The barcode scanners are not working for the barcode of the muffins couldn't read by the scanner itself; we need a barcode scanner that needs to be clicked. And since there was nobody to assists us, we decided to leave the muffins out. Just when we were done paying, the employee came to help us out, too bad she was already too late. That muffin though looks yummy!

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