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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Such a Beautiful House!

Last night, we were at a friends dinner party. It was the first time that I accepted her invitation because I was always busy and the husband is always busy at work. We couldn't find a perfect time because our friend has different work schedule. Anyway, she has helped us a lot and we think of her as a part of our family. 

She gave me a baby shower and lots of gifts when I gave birth to our son few years ago. She also helped my husband get his old job back, and we are so grateful for that. Last night, I finally saw her house and it was beautiful! The whole house was decorated well. It looks like she hired an interior decorator. Or she's gone to the best home decor stores and got an idea of how to decorate her house. I love, love her house aside from it is also huge! I didn't get to see the garage and the backyard for some reason, but husband told me they are both nice, too.

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