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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girls Rule: My Favorite Pastime

It's time to reveal my favorite pastime at GR hosted by none other than Niko of Niko's Blog :-)! So, here are few of my fave pastime.

1.) I'll say, cooking is my first pastime :-); no wonder why I gained weight and so is my husband. I love cooking and that is the reason why my son loves it when he sees me cooks. It's funny because he calls any meal I prepare a "dinner." He loves to sit and eat with us and that is g
ood because that is where we talk about our days :-)! Although I love to cook, am not an expert on it!

2.) Now, this is what almost everyone of us fave pastime, blogging :-)! It is obvious because as all of you know I maintain five blogs; it is hard to maintain them, but I sure love it! In blogging, I basically loves it because it allows me to share my thoughts, feelings, opinions and experiences on top of making lots of friends and learning from them.
2.) I love to read and that is one of my fave pastime when I don't feel like staying in front of the computer long. I have some fave magazines and books to read and most of them are self-improvement books, parenting, and how to manage finances. Church magazines and literature are on the lists, too.

4.) Filipino soap operas reminds me of home and so I watch T.V. while I blog :-); I also love to watch cooking shows, old movies, and funny shows like Ugly Betty, George Lopez, and more. Movies I watch are family oriented one; so we watch movies that my son watch.

5.) Last but not the least, shopping is an old time fave. I am glad shopping mall here are little bit far from where we live, otherwise you will find me there when I am not home :-)!

Well, these are all for now...what about you? Would you like to share yours? If so, then click the badge above to see more entries.


Chie Wilks said...

wow..great pastime te Cel..specially young shopping syempre ang cooking...still trying to learn how to move gracefully in the kitchen...trying hard cook kasi but i am learning each day naman..mao cge ko basta og recipe book....

and sa daghan na jud kaau addicted sa blogging..

it's nice te na bisad naa ka sa tates u still fine time to watch our very own Filipino series

my pastime is up too

Cacai M. said...

oi I like the cooking Te Ces.. wow.. great one!

Cacai M.'s Place

♡ N o r e e n said...

Ako naman fave ko kumain at magbasa hehehe

sis, LDS ka pala. Dati ako nakatira sa Utah. Madami ako naging friends na LDS din.

Seiko said...

We have such in common Mommy for I do love reading books & shopping's in my list too hehe & whatelse?Blogging ofcourse:D