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Friday, November 13, 2009

Lasik Patient Advocacy

Many people including me prefer to wear contact lens over eyeglasses. I now wear eyeglasses because of my eye problem. I can't drive without it. But with it, I look like older than my age. It would be nice I can have Lasik done for my eyes. It would be very expensive but it is worth the money. So, I better make sure that our new health insurance would cover Lasik procedure. Anyway, if you consider Lasik, you better check to get familiar wit eye Lasik and Lasik results. I read everything about eye Lasik on this website and I am convinced that Lasik surgery is the best choice over eyeglasses or contact lens. Patients testify that even complications happened after surgery, they would still recommend and would go through another more lasik surgery because of its great result.

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