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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another One of Those Busy Days!

We had a busy day yesterday running errands, getting hair cut done , and finding for a house. I was really tired. Then, at night, we took our friends to a Christmas lights decoration tour in the neighborhood nearby. They really had so much fun! I cannot believe it, they have been living in the same city for the past 20 years and yet, they've never need to any of these kind of thing during holiday. I just wished they will just pause and enjoy life every once in awhile instead of working like crazy. These people live to work and not they other way around. Life is too short and therefore, we need to enjoy it! Anyway, I still have a headache from yesterday's activities, but hubby wouldn't slow down; he wanted us to go stroll at the mall today while he watches the Avatar! That is unfair...he gets to watch it and I don't because I need to babysit Jake :-( ....waaaahh! Oh well, I'll just wait for it when the DVD comes out next year.

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