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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dutch Master Cigars

My siblings and I tried many times to persuade our father to stop smoking because it is not good for his health. But for whatever reason, he would listen to us. He keeps telling us that that is the only habit he has. He stopped drinking long time ago which is good. I decided to let him do what he is his choice and there is nothing we can do to stop him. Anyway, every once in awhile, I see people buy cigars and it makes me feel sad. One time I saw a man holding a package of Dutch Master cigars. That brand of cigar looks expensive to me. It must be a good one that is why I am not familiar with the name. Our neighbor upstairs smoke, am sure they knew that brand well. By the way, hubby and I are not fans of people who smokes. Yup, I am against it for the reason that it can kill even those who doesn't smoke.

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