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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We Had A Blast!

The other day, we decided to go to the mall to do a little bit of shopping for hubby. He needed two pants, two shirt. Since I am done with the shopping myself, I let him shop for his clothes while Jake and I play at the playplace. Two hours later, Matt wasn't done with his shopping, so I decided to have Jake sit on Santa's lap for a picture. Man, just for one sit and picture we paid $20! That is a lot! Oh well, what else can we do? Anyway, that was a once a year thing might as well do it if that would make my son happy! Earlier prior to that, we went to see Christmas Carol movie and oh my, it turned out to be a good one even though it was kind of like animated plus you have to wear this 3D eyeglass. We all enjoyed the movie, shopping and picture with Santa :-)! Jake had a blast!

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