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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stylish and Fashionable Medical uniforms

I always wanted to be a nurse just like my Aunt and cousins, but due to poverty, I wasn't able to pursue my dream profession instead I ended taking a computer programming which is now obsolete by the way. I just wished I could pursue my studies and be a nurse someday. It isn't to late after all. Anyway, speaking of nursing course or being a nurse, the last time I spoke with my Aunt, she was asked me to find her a nice and fashionable but cheap nurse uniform. Knowing her, she would never wear a scrubs if it is not a 100% cotton. At Blue Sky Scrubs, they sell these medical uniforms; I am sure they also have an all cotton lab coats.

The last time I browse their website, I noticed that they also carry dental assistant uniforms that are very nice and affordable. I wonder whether the dental assistance at our dentist's office gets her uniforms at Blue Sky Scrubs. I really like her uniform for it looks very stylish and comfortable. Hmm, now I get an idea what to give to the nurses and dental assistance who take care of us and our teeth.

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