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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Big Change a Slipcover Can Make in a Room

Guest post written by Ann Johnson

When it comes to interior decorating, the smallest little things can make a huge difference, including slipcovers. Several times throughout my life I have actually completely changed the look of our living room by just making some slipcovers. It really is so simple. Plus, It's so much easier to just buy some fabric and do a little bit of sewing instead of going furniture shopping and having to get rid of all your old stuff and measure everything to make sure it will fit in the room.

It was about that time again and I decided to look up some slipcover patterns and get some ideas about what kind of fabric I would like to make them out of. While I was online looking up that stuff I came across an Minneapolis clear internet online offer and after I read a little bit about it I decided sign up for it for my home internet service.

I decided on this nice white and blue floral pattern that looks really lively for my living room and makes it feel like spring inside of my house!

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