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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Switching Career

After two job lay off in just one year, hubby and I thought of changing his career into something permanent and secure. Working in a semi conductor industry doesn't give us job security at all; and I am saying this based on experienced. Being tied up up on a manufacturing company such as this is not that good. We may be getting good health benefits and occasional increase of salary, but that's about it. We are happy with that! But we want a more permanent one where we will be our own boss. A thought of buying a franchise like fast food came to mind. A pizza parlor or an ice cream parlor maybe would be a good business. The only problem is that, some franchises only accept cash for payment. They don't like dealing with banks and small business loan. Oh well, we really need to save money or find someone who is willing lend us some money if we really want to pursue our plan.


teJan said...

hmm..goodluck mommy cel. or switch to blogging hehhe..just to make u laugh!

Hazelicious929 said...

maganda nga mag business Miss Cecile if you know what business venture you wanted to be in. Sa dami ng competition ngayon, it is nice to have a careful planning to achieved the goals. Sana mayaman na lang lahat ng tao hehehe