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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Like My Engagement Ring

This morning while putting on one of the jewelry I bought for myself when I was still single, I noticed that my jewelry box couldn't accommodates all my jewelry anymore. And so I told my husband that I will be needing a bigger jewelry box so I could keep them safe and dust free. He promised that he would buy me one when we go shopping this afternoon. Sure enough he did! And I am so happy for that! Anyway, I am not a fan of too much jewelry, but hubby was. He used to buy me jewelry when we were still newly wed. But when I stopped him from doing that, he did! I love the 3-stone diamond ring he bought me for it was my engagement ring. Anyway, when looking for gift to be sent to my family online, I saw a St. Thomas jewelry that looked exactly like my engagement ring, only this one is a 1 carat diamond ring...but for a cheap price. This is a good deal for St. Thomas jewelry are famous for its great craftsmanship. I'd like to have one from them someday. Maybe on our 25th wedding anniversary hubby would buy me one :-).

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