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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cover for Our Grill

Every other weekend I always look forward to meeting our family and close friend, the "Friers." We just love doing things together as family. Sometimes we watch movies, play ball games at the park with our kids, go to Chuck E Cheeses, shop at flea market, enjoy the stockyard road show or just hang out and have some dinner and then play board games. Last weekend, my friend and I prepared dinner while the boys and their Dads were playing baseball at a nearby park. Then after dinner, we all decided to go to an outlet mall because Marivic wanted to buy an electric grill. She loves my grill and enjoyed grilling some meat for our dinner that night. And so, she bought one!

While the at the kitchen store, I thought about asking the sales assistant whether they sell Grill covers also....but I forgot when I got busy looking for a recipe box for hubby's recipes cards. I think I better shop for Barbeque grill covers for we really need one. We really like our portable electric grill and if we want to keep it long, then it needs to be covered when not in use. I noticed that the legs of it are already faded due to sun, snow and rain exposure. Anyway, summer is soon at hand....and our grill is going to be busy once again.

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