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Friday, February 17, 2012

Musical Instrument's Accessories on Sale

At the tender age of 7, my son's favorite thing to do or even wants to become someday is unstable. Last month, he wanted to be a basketball player; the other day, he wanted to be an author. Who knows what he wanted to be next week. One thing for sure, he loves to play musical instruments especially piano, and a guitar. Hubby and I think of buying a guitar for our son; it would be a birthday present for him this July. So, I started looking online for the best and affordable guitar I could find. After searching on the net for few hours, I finally found a website that sells instruments. The company name is Musician's Friend.

The Musician's is a great place to shop for any musical instruments. They have drums, cymbals, mallet percussion, trumpets, and bass to name a few. Right now, they have Accessory Sale going on where you can get a 10% off all accessories. In addition, you can also get a 15% off on a single item worth $199.00, you just need to use their coupon code "Presidents12". You need to hurry on this sale for it's going to end soon (Feb. 20). Anyway, the great things about this online store is that you can buy as many accessories as you want and get 10% off all accessories. Isn't it great? The fact that Accessory Sale - 10% of all accessories can save you some money, I really think that you need to buy as much as accessories you want especially if you own a band or  a music teacher. You can save more...who knows your students might also buy from you. I love this website for they not only sell musical instruments and accessories, but also offers amplifiers and effects, books, videos and music,  keyboards and MIDI, all kids of guitars, classroom musical instruments, materials and classroom aids and more. Check their website out if you are interested. You can even find more about musical instruments and the services they offer on their website. I am glad to have found this site. I will definitely contact them soon so I can avail of their sitewide free shipping offer.

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