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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Went Home Sad

Today, when my son got home from school, he was very sad. When I asked him why he was upset, he said that he got a yellow marker on his daily log folder. This means that he was in trouble by talking when he wasn't supposed to talk. What happened was a boy sitting next to him asked him to smell something and he did smell it. But when his teacher saw him smelling it, she thought that Jacob was talking to his friend. His clip was moved down yellow which means he wasn't good today. My poor boy :-(; he has been very good at school for the past few months getting on purple (reward: sticker) and gold (reward: pen, pencil, mechanical pencil and eraser). He also thought that I was going to get mad at him, but I didn't and told him that he could do better tomorrow. He felt better afterward. I also assured him that I won't get upset when he gets on yellow again.

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