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Friday, February 17, 2012

Preparing for the Summer Heat

Few more months and it is summertime once again.  Knowing Texas weather especially during summertime, you need to go to the beach or somewhere where the weather is not as warm as Texas. Or you can go to the community swimming pool where people are pack like a can sardines. Hubby and I are tired on going to the swimming pool on summer, and so we decided to to buy portable swimming pool. It would be expensive, but still cheaper than real swimming pools. As soon as our favorite stores starts selling this kind of pool, we would go there and buy ourselves a swimming pool (portable) as well as some  swimming pool supplies to help install and complete the swimming pool in our backyard. Oh man, I couldn't wait to swim in our own swimming pool, plus we can use it for my son's birthday/swimming this July. Yes, we are all excited, alright, lol?

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