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Friday, February 17, 2012

Plants, Great Presents for Housewarming

Almost 2 years ago, we had a housewarming party for our newly built house. We invited friends over to share this special moment with us. I did almost all the preparation from cleaning and tidying the house, to cooking foods and sending invitations. To save us from spending more money and time, this housewarming party was also a birthday party for my son. Since it was a one party rolled into two occasions, we got a lot of presents. Jacob received birthday presents, and I got housewarming plants, and home decor presents from my friends :-). With what we did, we all saved time, money and gas, lol. Anyway, I always thank God for the blessings He sends us today..and everyday! Oh and by the way, did I forget to mention that I love those housewarming plants; to this day, they are still alive and add beauty in my house. Thank you again, my friends :-).

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