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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trip to Florida

Spring break almost over for my friend's children, while my son's spring break is not going to start till  first of April. I don't understand why my son's school decided do have their spring break a month later. I wished they didn't do that. Now, my son and his friends didn't get the chance to play together. Plus our plan to go to the Grand Canyon together this spring didn't go through, bummer! This summer my friend and her family are going to Florida. They'll be staying in one of her friend's house in Tampa. They'll be needing to rent a limo tampa to take them to Disneyworld. Now, she asked me if I can find a rent a car in Tampa that is affordable. I think I need to call my cousin in Florida to see if she could recommend me one. My cousin and her family travels a lot around Florida and I am pretty sure she can help me and my friend find a car rental that offers great deals on limo rental.

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A Mom said...

nice to be here , have a great weekend!