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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Busy?... Not again!

Today was a busy day today; with my hubby being off at work today, we got the chance to go to our dentist for a filling. It took two hours for just two small cavity one each. I cannot believe it! Doctors or dentists nowadays do different things; one reason why we need to seek for another opinion elsewhere when we are in doubt about their findings. Anyway, after that appointment, we went to for a lunch since it was lunch time already, picked up our son at daycare and went ahead to see my husband's sleep doctor for a prescription for his CPAP machine. After our doctors’ appointments today, finally we have done our monthly shopping at Asian market/store so I can make Filipino foods alternative to American foods. At around 2:00 in the afternoon we were on our way home. Oh wait a minute, there was one more stop before home; it was to order for his new CPAP machine. Hubby can not live without it anymore for he has sleep apnea because of him being a little bit overweight. We are both glad because of the prescription; he can ask our family doctor now for Lap Band surgery prescription, for that is the only way now to loose weight gradually. Well, even though we have had a busy day, we still managed to take a nap after the long day. I am glad!

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