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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sotanghon Recipe

Vegetable oil, 2 pieces pork chop ( cut julienne style). Shrimp, chicken, beef or combination can be used, too. Chicken or beef stock , Salt, Calamansi juice (or lemon or lime juice), Onion - chopped, Garlic (sliced), Atsuete (annatto) powder dissolved in water (optional). Carrots - cut julienne style or crosswise, Greens beans or snow peas, Cabbage - shredded, Cauliflower or Broccoli. You can also add Mushrooms, Bamboo shoots and Water chestnut , Ground white pepper, Soy Sauce, Hard boiled eggs and Green onions

Soak sotanghon noodle in chicken stock or a warm water to make it soft and easy to cut. Once the noodles are thoroughly soft, you need to cut them into manageable length. Use kitchen scissors which you really have to have in your kitchen.

Heat oil in a kawali (wok) and deep fry your garlic pieces until they are golden brown and crisp; for garnish.

Add sliced onion to the hot oil. Stir until the slices become transparent.

Add the meat, constantly stirring and mixing them until they become brown. Add soy sauce and let it simmer for a minute or so or untill the meat is tender. then add all the vegetables, constantly mixing /stirring them. You need to have a very hot wok - have your stove set on high.

Add a little bit of chicken stock . Adjust seasoning - pinch of salt, pinch of ground white pepper, a tablespoon of soy sauce. Add the atsuete coloring. Simmer for about 3-4 minutes.
Add the sotanghon noodles and mix until they absorb the liquid.
That's it. You can then dish the noodles out to a serving dish and garnish with crisp garlic, green onions, sliced hard boiled egg o , lemon slices or wedges and chopped parsley.
Serve hot!

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