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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Los Angeles Condos and Homes

We are living in an apartment now for almost two years and I tell you, it is not easy especially if you have the neighbor upstairs who are very inconsiderate. These people make noise anytime of the day. I understand that they have children, but that is not a valid reason for the noises they make, especially when they told us that if the noise is too much, we need to let them know. Hot water is also a reason for us to leave the place, because usually, it is not available. All the tenants share one water tank! I think of moving to another apartment, but the problem is, it would be hard to find nice apartment in the city where we are now.

My husband and I think that the best thing we can do is purchase a home or condo. That is why, for few months now, we are looking for a home where we can live comfortably like we used to before we sold our first house due to work. We are very persistent to get a house so we can avail of the $8,000 tax credit by buying a home. Anyway, if you consider of moving in Los Angeles, you will find Los Angeles Condos that are very affordable and within the nice neighborhood. I remember my cousin mentioned to me at one time that there are plenty of Sherman Oaks Homes for Sale in Los Angeles, CA.I think, that place is one of the best neighborhood to live in, in that part of CA.

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