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Monday, January 25, 2010

Search for Best Auto Insurance Quotes

I got into wreck the day after Thanksgiving day last year and that really pissed me off. We love that van so much because it is pretty much new, it is limited which means it's got everything on it. We didn't own anything from it because we paid it in cash. But because of some impatient driver who couldn't wait for their turn, our van was totaled! Thank goodness nobody gets hurt; and the auto insurance we've found is one of the best auto insurance in the market today. We are happy that our auto insurance hunting paid off. Had we not searched for auto insurance quotes first, we would have trouble processing the claim. The owner of the car who hit us has a very crummy auto insurance who contacted us almost a month after we reported the accident for claim. We used our auto insurance instead and let them go after them.

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Damay said...

Hi...It is great hearing that you are fine after that accident. I'm happy that you find the best auto insurance. It is very useful when we get accident like you. Thanks for sharing your story.