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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Need Quick De-Cluttering Tips?

Having a kid at home it is very hard for me to pick up after his mess, so our small apartment has clutters everywhere especially during weekend. I never stop telling him to put his toys away, but he seems to forget it after is done playing. Then, there is my hubby who can sometimes be messier than me. Definitely I need a quick way to de-cluttring our place. Knowing me, am an organize freak person. So here are few tips I got from that help you maintain clean, organized spaces throughout the year. Once your rooms are clutter-free the key is keeping them that way.

  • Monthly: Maintain your de-cluttering process by giving each family member an “I’m done with it” bag. It can be kept in their closet to collect un-needed or unwanted items throughout the year. Get everyone in the habit of throwing out junk immediately. At the end of the month, combine the bags and donate the collected items.
  • De-clutter the kitchen and bathroom as part of holiday preparation cleaning.

  • Seasonally: Choose seasons or occasions throughout the year to do larger de-cluttering jobs. For example: De-clutter the garage at the beginning of fall. Do kids rooms and playrooms before birthdays and holidays. De-clutter the kitchen and bathroom as part of holiday preparation cleaning.
  • Weekly: Do “small space” organizing on a weekly basis using a similar list approach. Assign a day to one shelf or one drawer to de-clutter and set a time limit. Check each small space off your list and you’ll enjoy an instant feeling of accomplishment and will be more likely to maintain your clutter-free areas.
Letting go of “stuff” can be very therapeutic, and will hopefully give you a bright new outlook for the year and your home.


reanaclaire said...

Hi Cecile.. refurbishing and doing some small renovations?
have a nice week ahead!

Tara Beaulieu said...

Oh this is great- I love the "I'm done with it" bag, awesome! We do the bedroom clean out before bday and Christmas thing, that is definitely a good way to keep the mountain of toys under control! Thanks for sharing!

MarlyMS said...

I need to follow these tips Cecille :) A lot of clutters in my house :)

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Anonymous said...

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benbes said...

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