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Monday, September 6, 2010

No Man is An Island

One thing I can't live without is friend. And so I say that I believe in the saying that "no man is an island." I am grateful to God/Heavenly Father for blessing me with such great friends both online and offline. Friends who accept me for who and what I am; friends who never judge no matter what my thoughts and opinions are. Juliet and Marivic are the closest friends I have. Each one of us has a six year old boy who called each other "best friend." Every once in awhile our families get together to have fun. One time I noticed that their boys are playing nintendo ds while my son was just watching them. I felt sad for my son and so hubby and I decided that we need to get him one; we ask Jake which one he would prefer, nintendo ds or playstation 3; he said a nintendo ds would be fine. To make a story short, he got what he wanted; and made him an agreement that we set a time and day as to when he could play with it. We both agreed that on school days, he can't play his video game. Friday afternoon and Saturday are the only days he is allowed to play. I really think that parents need to set limits even on playing games on computer, this way they know their limitations and learn to be responsible individual at their tender age.

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