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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tin Man - My Favorite Mini Series

I appreciate the guest post, Rodrigo Coffey

Some people believe classic films like The Wizard of Oz should never be touched. The originals were good enough then, and they are good enough now. In fact, many believe these seminal works of art should be protected like historical antiques, encased in amber and shoved into the vaults of Fort Knox, the hallowed chambers guarded by a team of navy seals with nunchucks and trained dogs with rabies. These people have a point. After all, the remake is in large part a cheap gag, a crutch leaned on by lazy writers who are unable to manufacture a creative idea on there own. The mini series Tin Man, however, is not a remake. It is not a sequel or a pastiche. It is a re-imagining.

If you ignore the classic Sci-Fi computer graphics, hipster names and the lame and overreaching attempts at trying to be cool, Tin Man can be appreciated for what it is. An attempt. You see, unlike other shows that rely on dialogues laced with platitudes and stories that are unimaginative, Tin Man reminds us all that we can still try to make good fiction, we can still try to think out of the box, even if what was outside the box ended up being a miserable failure. Yet this is still my favorite mini series of all time, because it was a daring piece of work, and every time I watch it the show inspires me to think in ways that are unconventional. Also, it stars Zooey Deschanel, an actress who is a living zoo of emotion.

The mini series Tin Man is shown only on the Sci Fi Channel, which airs periodically on my tv from


chubskulit said...

Di pa ako nakapanood nyan ate.. Join ka ulit sa nostalgia ha.. mwah!

Dhemz said...

wala pod ko kita ana te...ehehehe!

laag ko dire teCes...musta naka diha? busy japon? agoy ako kay tagsa lang man ko blog hop te...kapuyan nako blog hop...eheheheh!

Toyin O. said...

That's a nice show.