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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Unlock Your Pension

My husband has been working for 16 years now in the field of his expertise as a Process Engineering Technician . Every once in awhile we talk about retirement and stuffs even though he still needs to work for 20 more years. Sounds like a long time still before he would be able to retire. My father in-law though has been a retired engineer and is enjoying his life with his wife who is a retired teacher. They both unlock their pension at the age where they are allowed to do so. Anyway, I hope my husband can unlock his pension before he turned 55 year old just like in UK. I read on that unlocking your pension at the age of 55 can be done. All you need to do is hire Independant Financial Advisors (IFAs) who will give you an advice on how to do it. So, if you are a resident of UK and is interested to learn more about unlocking your pension before you are 55, visit their website now!


My-Alter-Ego said...

hi ate ces.. visiting u here.. let's hope that everything will be okay when its your hubby's turn to unlock his pension :-)

thanks for keeping reyapot's and caloy's links in your blogroll.. please watch out for my linky love-thank you post :-)

My-Alter-Ego said...

ate ces, thanks for visiting me back.. though i don't usually visit your blogs, i can assure you that your links will always be on my list :-)

Mommy Liz said...

Hi Ate Ces, wala ka palang message box dito, kaya nag comment na lang ako dito sa post mo na to hehehe,. How are you holding all your opps?