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Monday, August 18, 2008

Bingo, game for entire family!

Playing Bingo is very popular game in the place where I grew up. I played this game when I was little with my family and still is fun to play with if you want to spend quality time with your family. We really all have fun playing and what I like most about it was I win most of the time on the other hand my father loses the game most of the time. Anyway, when I got here in United States, I stopped playing because there’s no one to play with as with my hubby is always busy; now am missing playing it with my family back home.

I became excited upon reading the DVD Disney Bingo time for kids at Social Spark. There I can re create my childhood memory playing Bingo with my family with my son. It is going to be fun for both of us because it teaches children about numbers, colors and matching skills. My son is going to the Pre-K this fall and it is going to help him review the things he learned at the day care and home. The most exciting part of it is he gets to play with his favorite Disney characters.If you want to own one of this educational Disney Bingo games for your kids, just go to or to purchase one.

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