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Friday, August 29, 2008

Flirting is Fun!

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Whether young, old, free and single, men always have a way of flirting with women; and giving compliments is one of them. When I was still single back in the Philippines, I always get compliments from them. They will say a lot of nice things like “you look so pretty or I like your brown eyes.” But one thing that I got compliments with the most was my long, black, shiny, silky and smooth hair. They asked me, “What do you do with your hair?” How come it looks different from others? Even my girl friends compliment me with my beautiful hair and they always ask me, "What my secret was." I said “I don’t have any secret.” I am using the Extreme Style by VO5 after finishing bath or shower every time. Most men are attracted to women with long healthy and beautiful hair like I have; it is like Victory Hair so I need to take care of it. Even now that I am married, my husband still loves touching my hair, and even my mother in- law likes it, too. It feels good when someone gives me compliments; and ask me if I want to go for a dinner, I feel like am a movie star.

If you want to know how to use your hair when with flirt with men, VO5 is having an online game called Ultimate Flirting Championship, where you will have a lot of fun and excitement. All you have to do is create a profile and get a chance to chat live and there you will get an idea on how to flirt using your hair.

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